Market Professionals

Global standard and up-to-date perspective.  

Although based in Singapore, we rely on an informal network of market consultants and researchers around the globe and locally – to extract important information that we use for each project (this is verifiable when you receive our completed plan).

These sources are accomplished professionals who have years of industry experience in their own subject domain and who understand the cultures and emerging trends in the local and overseas markets. They are among the best in their fields.

Because we have access to critical, top-level, decision-making information (not hearsay obtained from the internet), we can help you analyse market situations more accurately. We then use this knowledge and insights to verify your hypothesis and develop effective strategies for your plan either locally or for overseas’ markets.  An understanding of global trends and threats is essential for marketing success in today’s integrated global market place because foreign entry into local market is now made easy.

Our informal information-gathering network allows us to access high-quality, detailed researched information without heavy expense. This enables us to maintain quality output within reasonable project cost for startups and SMEs.

Ethical Standards

Our business standard and professional conduct are bound by four of the most respected worldwide professional bodies.

-The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)

-The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (US)

-The International Institute of Business Analysis (Canada)

-Google Analytics Academy 

In our business and marketing dealings, we are bound foremost by the Chartered Marketer’s code of ethics and standard, which are observed by professional marketers.

And in the financial domain, we adhere to the globally-recognised Chartered Financial Analyst code of ethics and standard, which is upheld by members of the CFA Institute and the investment community worldwide.

Cultural Understanding

Our approach is to work with you at your own pace, complementing your existing knowledge-base, resources and vision.

Drawing from our knowledge of current global forces and the Singapore market place, we evaluate and correct assumptions; chart out road map for growth; work at building the missing pieces; look for outside resources and put in place markers for the enterprise to journey forward – either locally or overseas, or both.

We do all these in understandable terms so that both entrepreneur and investors / stakeholders are able to appreciate the essence of the plan. When the bases of your growth plan have been identified, evaluated and supported by facts from our research, you will have the conviction to begin selling your story confidently to any stakeholder and achieve the desired result.

Incomparable Value

We deliver professional solutions at great value.

We achieve enduring value for our local clients through our long-term global outlook of the market, professional standards, and our multi-cultural and cross-industry insights.

Our competency in business planning is backed by solid, real-life “start-up-to-IPO” management experience; MNC exposure; global research access; and in-depth financial understanding.

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