Leaving nothing to chance

ACRA~BizPlan™ undertakes research and studies to fill in information gaps for management decisions. Only with the right information can good decisions be made.

Studies to determine growth potential

At the strategic decision-making level, the scope of such studies typically covers a complete analysis of industry demand and supply trends for specific markets.

Such a study normally includes identification of key industry players, market segments, market segments growth potential, segment size and competition (their strength, marketing strategy, market share, key success factors, product concepts, etc.).

Studies to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses

At the marketing department level, we undertake research and investigative studies into the competitors’ marketing elements against those of client’s.

This includes comparison of brand positioning, product features, pricing strategy, communication strategy and selling & distribution strategies, buyer psychology and purchasing preferences.

Other studies

We also undertake informal studies to gather information for quick decision-making, such as online trends and behaviour. Such informal surveys can take the form of personal interviews, telephone interviews, online survey forms, Google analytics analyses, focus groups, etc.

(Learn more about our research network here.)

The findings from such studies and surveys can make a big difference to a company’s performance, especially in the current environment where many businesses are simply relying on an online programme for success.