Q: Are you a Singapore firm or an international consulting company?

We are 100% local with both local and international brand experiences and expertise. We work with a permanent team of market consultants and research specialists who provide us with specific industry and market information necessary for our projects.

Q: Do you write your proposals in-house or do you outsource them?

We have been writing plans since 2005. We do not outsource a single project or any localised market study. We continue to do this to ensure that quality is maintained in every detail of our plans.

Q: Do you write other business proposals besides business plans?

Yes, developing business plans and marketing plans for startups and SMEs are our core expertise. We also write business profiles and proposals for any enterprising idea you may have in mind.

Q: What is the difference between a business plan and a business profile? Can we use a business profile for submission to government agencies?

A business profile is a document describing the background and various aspects of the organisation including its management, business focus, products, distribution, competition, sale revenue, etc. The information can be extracted from a business plan. Yes, a business profile may be adequate for submission – depending on the actual requirements.

Q: Do you structure your plan according to the usual business plan template?

The standard template is a useful guide but how good a business plan is cannot be limited by or prescribed by a set of headings. It is determined by how logical and persuasive the flow is.

Q: How do you charge?

Depending on the size and type of project, this may be quoted by the hours or by project basis. It can be a combination of both. Normally a business profile will cost much lesser than an authentic business plan.

What do you mean by an “authentic” business plan?

An “authentic” business plan is a detailed implementation plan that describes and support the company’s market strategy, operational strategy and financial strategy; and its justification through logic, which is backed by industry research, marketing research and market study.  This may sound imposing but these are just terms to help us organise what most business people are already immersed in. Every captain needs an authentic dashboard so that he can navigate confidently. A business plan is just a dashboard with all the explanations embedded in it.

Q: How long does it take to develop a business plan?

It all depends on available information to put up the plan. And this in turn depends on the complexity of the business. We do not rush through any plan since that would be unwise.

Q: How do we go about hiring your firm? And what is your working style?

This usually begins after thrashing out your requirements and your approval of the quotation. The work process shall also be discussed.

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