Are you doing enough to protect your business investment?

ACRA~BizPlan* specialises in helping existing businesses and startups to minimise business risks before and after launch. If you are a new startup, why not take a look at our range of business planning service and its complementary solutions and learn how they can reduce investment risks for your new business – yes, even before you head over to ACRA to register your entity:

Business Plan Development

Feasibility Study

– Business Plan Evaluation

Annual Strategic Review 

Market Study

– Competitive Study

*[previously known as BullRun~Consult]


Featured Services

Business Plan

Minimise business risks through pre-launch planning and post-launch review to ensure your ship remains on course.

feasibility study

Feasibility Study

Why take more risks than necessary? Why not undertake a feasibility study to ensure you have a successful launch?

growth strategy

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy requires a vision of the future. Let us help you look into it and create a platform for you to get there.

strategic review

Strategic Review

The bi-yearly performance review is an important management tool that ensures the entreprise stays on course.